Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Marseilles in Pictures

I got another chance to go to Marseilles last Wednesday for my medical exam at the OFII - Office Français de l'Immigration et l'Intégration - not all that much fun, but necessary. 

First, they make you take an x-ray of your lungs to be sure you don't have tuberculosis (I don't); then they give you a very quick medical exam: they take your vitals, ask about your overall health, vaccines you've had, and then they hurry you out the door. You then fill out a form and get your pièce de séjour and then you're legal. 

I spent a couple of hours wandering around the city after getting my visa, and took pictures of course!

Eglise des Réformés:

Arc de Triomphe de Marseille:

Cathedral de Marseille:

Palais de la Bourse:

Vieux Port, which is currently obstructed by road construction:

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