Friday, March 8, 2013

Les Femmes du Bus 678

I went to see this film on International Women's Day with my fellow teaching assistants. The film is Egyptian and quite a good one. Maria suggested it, and seeing as she is such a film buff (and our tastes are so similar) I have a hard time ignoring her suggestions!

The film revolves around three women, one who keeps getting harassed on the bus on her way to work, another who was assaulted just outside her home by a man in a car, and a third who was gang raped during protests in Cairo. They all meet randomly and decide to take revenge on the male population of Cairo who has made them feel bad--dirty--worthless--second-class citizens. 

It may or may not matter that the director is a man. It matters somewhat that the film is fictional, not a documentary. It matters a great deal that the story is fresh, that it tackles an insidious problem that  plagues Egypt today. Sexual harassment in Cairo is not only accepted, it is encouraged by the state, by a "boys will be boys" cultural mentality, and most importantly by women who say nothing about it.

The film was laugh out loud funny at some points, melancholy at others and even painful to watch during certain scenes, but I recommend everyone go see it: it will change the way you see Egypt, public transport, and even what looks back at you in the mirror.

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