Friday, September 28, 2012

Moving In to the South of France

I got in late last night to La Ciotat, and practically the minute I got here (thinking of my blog, of course!) I took some photos of my studio apartment!

It is smaller than the one I had in Vienna, which shouldn't be surprising...but it might take some getting used to. I have a nice little (very little) bedroom/kitchen/dining room, a guest "space" and a porch. No actual oven, just a toaster oven and two burners. I guess I will not be making myself lavish French meals. Closet space is also an issue, but I will have to make the most of it and be creative.

The weather here is much nicer (about 20 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than in Green Bay, which is pleasant - there are two weeks left of good swimming weather I'm told! I will have to take advantage, since La Ciotat is a tourist town, after all.

My host family/landlords are also very nice. They have two small children, Lu-Lu and Chloe, a dog named Saumon and a cat named Charles.

The flight was great, no problems. I even got a second bag on for free! (British Airways changed their policy.) Paris was no problem, though I was briefly reminded how rude Parisians can be, and getting into Marseille was fine, though I was suuuuuuuuper tired by then.

guest "space"
I got to sleep late today, and I have a million things to do before I start school next Monday. Here's hoping I get it all done!


  1. It's not home if there isn't a hedgehog in the oven. ;)